Festivals and awards!

So far the film has toured festivals in the Czech Republic, Russia, Australia, Greece, Sweden. It’s been running on danish cinemas! Lots of more screenings are on their way. Festivals in England, Scotland and Australia will show the film the coming year. We are also very happy to announce that the film won first diploma […]

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The film is now available for screenings!

We are finally ready to open up for public screenings of the film! If you want to organize your own screening Рsign up to our organizers mailing list here: http://www.alonethroughiran.com/organize-a-screening/ Or if you just want to see the film Рkeep a look out where the film will be screened here: http://www.alonethroughiran.com/upcoming-screenings/

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Sneak peak premiere

The film is finished! We’ve had a sneak peak premiere in Stockholm for the people who have been involved in the film. More than 15 million people have seen the trailer and now we are currently looking for distributors!! Things are taking off! Stay tuned and we will soon be able to announce more news!

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Hi everyone! As you probably know we are in the final editing process of the film! But we are running a bit low on funds and are therefore asking for your support to be able to finish the film! If you, like us, believe in a world built on trust and openness, please support us […]

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Shamim and I have been indoors all summer long which isn’t our favorite place to be when the alternative is the wonderful Swedish summer outside but we really want this film to reach as many people as soon as possible! Therefore we are working incredibly hard to finish the editing of the film as soon […]

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Release of the trailer

We released the trailer for the film three months ago. So far it’s been seen by more than 7 million people! Alone through Iran – 1144 miles of trust TRAILER

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