How to organize a screening

First of all, thank you for wanting to organize a screening and help us spread Kristina’s message around the world!

Secondly, organizing a screening is not very difficult and can be done in so many ways, but easiest is to turn to your own community. The perfect venue may be your university, school, running club, local cinema or anywhere you think people should see this film. It doesn’t have to take more then a wall, a projector and a couple of speakers.




Price per screening outside the US

Non-profits – 200 €

For-profits – 300 €

If you need a DCP instead of a high resolution mp4 file you will be charged an additional 50 €.

The price for smaller non-profits is however flexible. Email us with your request and we’ll find a solution that works for us all.


The film

Formats: DCP, ProRes or high res. mp4

Versions: 61 or 40 min

Available subtitles: English, Swedish & German

Link to promotional material:



Can Kristina attend my screening?

Yes. But as the film is about Kristina, not by her, you have to contact her directly. Find more information here:

Can the directors attend the screening?

Yes. But you will have to cover all the associated costs with the participation.

What is the best way to promote a screening?

Step 1. Create a facebook event with the promotational material supplied above.

Step 2. Reach out and invite friends and family first and get them to attend. Few other people will want to attend if it looks like no one is coming to the screening.

Step 3. Identify groups and organizations who might be interested in the topic and ask them to spread the word.

Step 4. Send out press releases to local media. Particularly if Kristina herself in some way will attend your screening.

Step 5. Update your event with new posts and news about the screening regularly to remind people that the screening is happening. Use the videoclips from the promotional material to get people excited!

Who should I contact with any other questions?

Send us an email at  or call us at +46706962350 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.