Story so far

Kristina began her run across Iran in Bazargan on September 5th 2015. On November 3rd she became the first woman to have ever run across Iran.

During her run she stayed with more than 30 families along the way, received countless amounts of fruits, food and cheers from people passing by in their cars. She started her journey not knowing what to expect from it and ended up amazed by the hospitality she met. Despite a few threatening situations Kristina now know what she only believed was true before her run, that people are generally kind no matter where you are.

Since the trailer for the film was released in May 2016 we have gotten request from individuals wanting to organize screenings of the film in their local communities, TV-channels have shown interest in screening the film, film festivals have wanted to screen the film, and more than 7 MILLION PEOPLE have so far seen the film!

Now we are working on finishing the full film which is planned to be complete by October 2016. With your support we hope to be able to spread Kristina’s message of a world built on trust and openness to as many people as possible! If you want to be part of this, sign up on our organizers list to receive information about how to organize a screening of the film, like our Facebook page, share our trailer! We are forever grateful for any help you want to give us.

André & Shamim – the producers and directors